Almost a Bride

When I picked up this book in Barnes and Noble, I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into. I had never heard of this author before but why should that ever be a reason to pass up a book? The cover was the first thing that caught my eye, I mean it is a really pretty cover. I looked up some reviews and ended up bringing it home with me. From the second I opened the first page, I was hooked and couldn’t stop reading it or telling others about it.

30145154Life isn’t always fair and doesn’t always play by the rules. That lesson can be learned surprising fast as Annie soon finds out. Being mistaken for an intruder when you come home at lunch only to find your boyfriend wearing nipple clamps with another woman straddling him. What is one way of getting that imaging out of your mind and getting over that cheater? A beach vacation of course. Laying on the beach, sipping cocktails and flirting with a handsome writer should do the trick… Until the ex and his kinky woman show up at the same resort. Annie makes up a story about this writer and herself on a romantic vacation but can those fictional feelings stay fake for long?

Like I said above, from the second I opened this book I was hooked. Just the over all feel of this story while reading it kept me going through pages, wanting more. I love when writers can create settings, characters and a story that makes reading their book so easy. I couldn’t wait to pick it up every night to see what was going to happen to Annie and Chris (the handsome writer). For those of you who are big fans of romantic comedies, this is the book for you!

Now, this is the second book in the Destination Love series. I always seem to miss the first ones but do not fear, if you want to read just this one, you will be just fine. There are some charters from the first book but they each have a brief introduction in case they were forgotten.

This book is the perfect beach read, it is the perfect anywhere read but beware: it will make you want to be on vacation. Jo Watson sets her story on an island resort of the coast southern Africa, where Annie and a handful of charters are from. I thought it was really fun to read about characters on the other side of the world. Most beach reads are set in the US and Mexico or the Caribbean. The resort is where the majority of the story takes place which is what, I think, helps the story be so easy to read through. This book is like a sunny, sandy vacation for your mind when you can’t make it there in person for a little while.

I liked meeting all of the characters in this book; they were fun to read about and watch grow. There are always a few though that you love to hate; there are two in this book. The Ex boyfriend and his mistress: they were always trying to make Annie feel like she was never good enough for him and that their relationship was better than hers was. There were a few times where I found myself saying F*** off under my breath because I was getting frustrated for Annie. Then you have the lovable Annie and Chris whose relationship blooms right before your eyes and you root for them as hard as you can through the whole book! I don’t want to give too much away, find out for yourself who these characters are and what happens to them through the story.

I can honestly say, there was nothing that I disliked about this book. I was looking for something light with some romance and some laughs mixed in. I got what I wanted and more. I will definitely be reading more of Jo Watson’s books!

The Good: 
A light reading
Full of laughs
A bit of romance
Characters that are relatable
Writing style that keeps the readers interested

The Bad:

Overall: I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something with romance and a bit of laughs mixed together. Something that is easy to pick up and read for hours. It may become your favorite book! 

Rating: 5 out of 5 🙂 

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