The Cinderella Murder

the-cinderella-murder-9781476763699_hrI found this book browsing around on the Barnes and Noble website; you know, the “based on your search history” type of thing. I put it down on my book list and it finally got put on my shelf but sat there a while before my desire to read it grew. I needed something that made me think and one that would be unpredictable. I definitely got what I wanted in this murder mystery!

Laurie Morgan is a television producer, mom and widow. Her husband was killed at a play ground, in front of their young son. It took years for her to get closure on who killed her husband and threatened them same fate for her and Timmy. She didn’t want victims families to share in the despair she did so she created the television series Under¬†Suspicion. ¬†It took a look at unsolved murder cases, hoping to find clues that were missed years before. The first episode was so successful, the case was solved. Now for episode two, Laurie and her team have taken on a twenty year old cold case of a college students death and the people who were suspected. Some of them aren’t too keen on the settled dust being stirred again and the production team is plagued with threats and warning about leaving the past alone. Someone thought Cinderella was gone for good but the dead have a way of telling their story.

This book was a really great read… When I wanted to read it. I will be honest, during my time with this story, I stopped for weeks at a time because I just didn’t feel like reading it. The beginning is pure set up for the rest of the story and I guess I just wanted to get to the good stuff. It doesn’t take but a little more than a quarter of the first half to start showing the reader some evidence. I got a bulk of this book done while I was waiting out a 5 hour airport layover from New Zealand (which is amazing by the way). Layovers aren’t that bad with a book in your hand ūüėČ

About half way through is when things started getting really good. The book sucks you in and you become part of the story. Any reader will say that about any book but this book puts you right in the middle of it which was really fun. You get to see the production team with evidence from when the case was open. It isn’t a lot but you watch it grow and before you know it, there is a lot of clues that point in every direction; you don’t know which way to look.

While looking at evidence, you are also looking at the characters to give you clues. The people who were part of the case (suspects and witnesses) start to unravel information and you are able to start connecting the dots. I was coming to my own conclusion about who the murderer was, then a bomb dropped that I didn’t see coming. The characters didn’t either which makes the story more thrilling. Some of you (if you decide to read it) might say that you did see it coming a mile away. For me, I try not to think/ look a head too much because it ruins the magic of reading for me.

There were a lot of characters to keep track of but once you get the hang of the story, you start to find it easier. All of the character are introduced throughout the beginning, so that’s where you are going to have to really pay attention and keep everyone straight. They start to drop off not long after the episode starts filming. It wouldn’t be a true murder/mystery without a few deaths to keep things exciting, right?
Now, this is the second book in the¬†Under¬†Suspicion Series¬†but don’t fear, you won’t get lost. Each character that was in the first book has a little introduction/refresher. I did have some questions but they did not come from holes in the story.

I will say, the only thing I thought bad about this book was the beginning. It was a little slow and almost all of the character are put into the story at once. I found myself a few times asking which character was which or mixing them up. Once I was able to regularly read the book and other murders starting happening, my lines got straightened out quickly.

The Good:
Unpredictable story line
Fast paced story (towards the middle)
Engaging, making the reader try to solve the case
Wide range of characters

The not too bad:
Wide range of characters
Slow set up

Overall: I would recommend this novel because it was a fun, engaging read. Anyone who likes murder/mysteries should give this one, or any of the Under Suspicion novels a try. 

Rating: 4 out of 5

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