The Bone Labyrinth 

Well, I am a little behind on getting this post out. It has been crazy; just like this book! It seems James Rollins can’t write a bad book which is always a good thing. Every time I pick up a Sigma Force book, I know I am in for a wild ride and I can always count on these action/adventure novels for that. It stinks I have to wait for the next book to come out because some crazy things happened in this one.. But we will talk about that later!

What if you were told that everything we knew about human DNA was wrong? What if the Great Leap Forward wasn’t a mystery anymore? What if we could bring back the past; to study it, to engineer it… And make it a weapon? Sigma Force is now up against their greatest threat to date, an evil brought back to life by genetic science; strong enough to take modern man off the face of the planet, changing the world forever.

book_2015_the_bone_labyrinth_usa.jpgFor this being the 11th book in the series, Rollins is ROCKING IT! There is so much that happens in this book, I have a hard time summarizing it above! This book is non stop, which is typical and what makes these books so addicting to read. I am a huge fan of the way Rollins combines so many genres into one book. You get action, adventure, a hint of romance, historical fiction and science fiction all rolled in to one novel. Can you see why these books are so fast paced? When I start reading them, I always think to myself that it is going to take forever to finish because they are so big. I look at my progress and think I haven’t gotten very far but then the next thing I know, I am three quarters of the way through and can’t stop reading.

I think another reason why these books are so addicting for me is because of how real they are. Rollins travels the world and talks to a lot of people to get the right information to put in his books, he doesn’t make up many of the facts. Sure, the plot line is made up but the majority of the story features real life things including genetic science, animal science, actual places one the planet and of course things that we are still exploring. In every one of the Sigma Force books, Rollins adds in a section for the reader called Truth or Fiction which goes through every point in the novel that is real or fake which is arguably my favorite part of the book. It really shows how much effort is put into these novels and I am always impressed at how much of the novel is true. This one is a little different though…

In this book, there is some lab animal testing that is really disturbing and was hard to read for me. I have a huge heart for animals and reading about them being tested on and suffering made me extremely sad. I know, it is just a book and the animals on the page were not real. In a way though, they were real and Rollins knows that. In his TOF (Truth or Fiction), he talks about the lab animals and the animals at the Beijing Zoo which is featured in the novel as a zoo that the state of animal care was appalling (which apparently it truly is). Rollins states that he hopes this book will push that zoo, and many others, to create a better place for the animals to live if they have to live there. Animal activism in action here! I love it. He is a very well known author whose books are ready by millions of people all over the world. Maybe this book will show them what is really happening at zoos and in labs and people will take it up a notch to help.

On a side note, did Rollins hint at Kwoalski’s impending death in the epilogue?! Baako signs Papa to Maria and tells him a story… I won’t ruin it for you 😉 It could be a while before we find out if he actually dies, the epilogue was 10 years after the incidents in South America and China (this book). It might take a few novels to finally find out. Now every time I read a Sigma novel, I will be awaiting his death, hoping that I made the wrong assumption! I looked on his website to see when the next novel comes out.. Not until Fall 2016. The wait will be a struggle.

The Good:
Action PACKED!
Fast paced
The science and treasure hunting aspect fit so well together
Supporting characters are intriguing
I love to hate the bad guys.

The Sad:
Lab animal testing 😦 made me sad reading about it!

Overall, if you haven’t picked up a Sigma Force novel, do it now. You won’t regret it! 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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