Something Borrowed

This book was one of those that I debated on buying then sat on my shelf forever. I love the movie and have watched it many times so I thought the would be boring to read. It definitely was not and of course, it differed from the movie in many ways that I liked and didn’t like.

Book cover courtesy of Click to find out more about this book, author and her other books.

Book cover courtesy of
Click to find out more about this book, author and her other books.

Rachel and Darcy have been best friends since they were little. They grew up together, went to college together and moved to New York together. Darcy is the party girl, always getting what she wants and Rachel is the good girl, always doing the right thing even if it means she doesn’t get anything in return. That good girl persona is broken when Rachel wakes up in bed with Dex.. Darcy’s fiancé. Rachel expects to hide the one night stand and intends to leave it behind her. When Dex expresses his feelings for Rachel, she is tossed into a whirlwind of feelings and asks herself if he is worth the risk and if she should finally do something for herself for once… Let herself love the man she fell for in law school.

So, I finally picked this book up after debating for so long whether I really wanted to or not. I am glad I did, it was a pleasant, easy read! It was fun, romantic and a little stressful at times but not in a bad way. The book made you root for Rachel and Dex to stop just fooling around and figure things out already! I liked how easy this book was to read and get caught up in; it held my attention and kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next.

A little house keeping note: I am trying to insert similarities or differences from the book to movie throughout the post instead of making a section for it. I think it flows better that way because I found myself repeating a lot in that movie v.s. book section. If you guys, the readers, don’t like my new style, tell me! I am just experimenting but I want my readers to be happy to! 🙂

Anyway, back to the book! I liked all the characters and how the ones in the movie mirror them so well. I honestly hated Marcus in the movie, he was a total d-bag and one of those people who, if I knew anyone like him, I would never want to hang out with. I liked him in the book though, he was actually a decent human being with manners. I can see why they made the change in the movie though, they wanted viewers to ask “Why would Darcy cheat with him?” Well, he was the complete opposite of her fiancé, she must have wanted something different! I am sad though that Ethan didn’t have as big of a part in the book as he did in the movie. I loved his character, the caring guy who likes Rachel in ways she doesn’t see but wants her to be happy in any way she thinks she can be. He makes appearances here and there in the book but he already lives in London where as in the movie, he moves to London towards the end.

The big difference from the book was that the movie didn’t portray Dex and Rachael’s relationship. They actually try to have one in the book. The book shows them trying to be a couple and trying to figure out what they want. Rachel fights between the guilt she feels for what she is doing to Darcy and the love she has and wants to continue for Dex. The movie just shows them wanting to be together but not wanting Darcy or anyone else to find out, an affair that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. The movie also leaves out the aftermath of Dex canceling his wedding to be with Rachel. Yes, we see Darcy blowing up on both of them in the movie but I am talking about after that: family/ friend reactions, Rachel and Dex’s relationship actually being out in the open and how they are feeling: if it was the right thing to do/ask to be done. It was nice to see that even though Rach and Dex love each other, happily ever after didn’t come right away. The ending was my favorite part of the book.

My least favorite part of the book was the beginning. It was slow and really annoying. Rachel whines for many pages about how she is turning 30 and how she will never be better than Darcy. This made me think that the whole book would be like this, that I wouldn’t like the book and that it was going to be a painful, long read.
Another thing that made the beginning slow was that it was all Rachel talking to herself and explaining situations or people. There was no conversation so it felt like I was reading an essay, paragraph after paragraph… yawn. That gets better quickly.. about 50 or so pages in, conversations are held and it becomes like any other book with dialogue, yay!
The last thing I didn’t like about this book was the descriptions and background stories. Yes, that is the way to get to know a character but don’t you usually get to know them and who they are throughout the whole book? All descriptions of characters are made by Rachel at the beginning of the book, like I said above, paragraph after paragraph. Shorter descriptions, the basics of each character would have been just fine.

So here is the good and bad:

The Good:
Fun, easy, quick read
Better than the movie (as are all books)
Focuses more of Rachel and Dex’s relationship instead of the affair (like the movie)
Characters are relatable, making the read that much more fun

The Bad:
Rachel can be annoying sometimes
Beginning is slow
Descriptions are too long

Overall: I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quick little romance book or to anyone who has seen the movie. 

Rating: 4 out of 5

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