The Sixth Extinction

Sigma Force is back with a bang! The Sixth Extinction is the 10th anniversary of the Sigma Force series and as usual, I am always so excited to read James Rollins newest addition to the Sigma Force novels and this one does not disappoint! It is action packed, thought-provoking, scientific, nerve-racking and just straight up fun until the very end!

Book photo credit to Click on the photo to find more about this book and the Sigma Series.

Book photo credit to
Click on the photo to find more about this book and the Sigma Series.

A distress call comes from a research station with one request… “Kill us, kill us all!” Military from a neighboring base hear the call and rush to the site only to discover that everyone at the station is already dead and so is everything else within a fifty square mile radius. Plants, animals, insects and bacteria… Destroyed. The killer? Unknown but it is spreading and fast. Sigma must race to places they never thought to look for help and discover life forms that have been hidden away in the shadows. Could these life forms help stop the extinction that will wipe out every human on the face of the earth?

These books are my absolute favorites when it comes to adventure, Rollins never lets me down! I love how fast paced his Sigma books are and how the action never ends. What I love most about these books is that you don’t have to read them in order. Yes, the Sigma novels are a series but you don’t have to read them in order to get all the information you need. The characters and their stories carry on through the novels but in each book you get an update on the characters so you aren’t lost. There are connections in this book with the very first Sigma novel but a quick explanation of who they were was all I needed!

They story line and characters are my target for talk in this post. As always, the story is gripping, thought-provoking and scientific. I have to give a big shout of to Rollins for these novels, if you have read one or will be reading one, you’ll understand. He puts so much work and research into these books and it shows. The places he takes these characters is so much fun;  in this specific novel we travel to Antarctica, California and the South American jungle! He has done so much research about these location plus the technology used and the viruses/bacteria. I don’t think these novels would do as well if he didn’t put in the effort he does. To show the reader how much he actually does for the books, he leaves the reader with a little extra information at the end of the novel… The Truth or Fiction section. I love reading it because I always want to know what is real in his books and what is made up. Obviously, there was some made up things but to my surprise, I would say about 75% is true.

Now for the characters! In each one book we have our main Sigma people: Gray Pierce, Painter Crowe, Lisa, Kat and Monk. (I forgot the last threes last names!) We have a few new character, some I like and some I just down right hated. Jenna and her faithful Husky, Nikko; I liked this pair because they wanted to do whatever they could to help Sigma… Until Nikko picks up the same bacteria Sigma is trying to stop. Now, I have a confession. When Nikko got sick, I peeked at the end of the book to see if Nikko’s name was present and read that sentence (just that one sentence!) to ensure the dog was alive and well. SPOILER ALERT… He lives 🙂
I can’t handle when animals are hurt or sick or get killed in books. It makes my heart hurt. Plenty of people died in the book, but heaven forbid Nikko died. There was only one character I hated and that was Cutter. He knew the things he was doing was wrong but kept doing them anyway. That drove me nuts… But I loved to hate him so he was good for the book! And what adventure/science book isn’t complete with a mad scientist?
I really wish this series was turned into movies or a television show because it would ROCK. As long as it was done right 🙂

I honestly have to say there wasn’t anything I didn’t like about the book. There were a few spots that were a little slow but I had just come off a fast paced/action chapter so I’m sure that was the cause of the slow sections.

So here it goes:

The Good:
Loved the plot… So gripping and plain out AWESOME
My love/hate relationship with some of the characters
Thought provoking and scientific
My favorite: the Fact or Fiction section… Lots and lots of additional information

The Okay Parts:
Transition from action scenes to scenes with no action made some dialogue sections really slow. But it wasn’t that bad because it was information you wanted/needed to know to continue the story.

Overall: I would recommend this book and series a hundred times to people who have never read them, James Rollins fans and action/adventure readers. These books are worth reading! 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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